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Talyprofile 软件 


TalyProfile 是一款专为 Surtronic® S100 设计使用的基于 PC 使用的软件包。


Aspherics Analysis Utility ( 

Changes since previous release

  • Data Correct analysis including filtering, left/right, fitting, edge extension, etc.
  • Data Correct profile export (.cor)
  • Data Correct Analysis: Edge extension
  • A new licence option for Data correct analysis
  • Calculate “Tilt”angle from a diffractive analysis
  • Settings: Sphere should not be required as a specific option but implied from other settings


  • Upgrade systems if the customer needs these new features pgrade systems if the customer needs these new features
  • All 'Data Correct' features require a specific licence option.

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Release Notes:

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Surtronic Roundness X-sight Software (2.01.51)

Easy to use software
The X-sight touch screen software platform with intuitive navigation make the Surtronic roundness system as easy to use as a SatNav or SmartPhone with everything you need at your fingertips.

Live encoder position
Hi-resolution printing across all Roundness Applications
Additional result output options (Print, SPC, PDF, Image) to all Roundness Applications

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